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Nova Scotia Psychics, Nature Spirits and Ghost Ships

Nova Scotia Psychics, Nature Spirits and Ghost Ships

Nova Scotia is home to several psychic lines and psychic  shops including the Psychic Cafť in Halifax, Nova Scotia; the Arrowhead  Meditation & Healing Circle in Kingston, Nova Scotia and the Circle of  Light in Lunenberg Nova Scotia. This province, which is surrounded by the  Atlantic Ocean is home to many different types of psychic counselors, healers,  card readers, astrologers, mediums and Reiki masters.

  If you want to commune and meditate on Nature then you will  love the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia that takes visitors through the highlands  of Cape Breton on Canadaís east coast.   From there you can see whales from the cliffs which are similar to the  ones overlooking the ocean in Scotland.   The area is also known for its gem stores of howlite, which is a  cauliflower like white stone that is treasured by psychics for its ability to  connect you with spirits.

  If you the type of intuitive or sensitive that feels  sympathetic with the energies of the moon then you are well advised to take a  trip to The Bay of Fundy which has the highest tides in the world. Tons of seawater  flows in and out with each tidal cycle and watching the tide rise at night is  truly a mystical experience.  The  landscape here includes dramatic mud flats, rock structures and eroded  sandstone pillars.

  Nova Scotia has no shortage of ghost stories as its history  extends four hundred years.  On Citadel  Hill in downtown Halifax psychics and ordinary citizens alike have seen the ghost  of a Miíkmaq native running alongside the hill at twilight.  A mass grave on Deadmanís Island and Devilís  Island in Halifax fire boast ghostly fires and lights at night.  Perhaps the strangest and larges sighting  is  the burning ghost shape that sails the  Northumberland Strait between  Nova  Scotia and Prince Edward Island and that seems to be ablaze from bow to stern.